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Employment Contract Template

27 Apr , 2012  

Employment contract is an official document signed between an employee and his employer, which describes all the details related to the job, like the job description, rules and regulations, salary package, etc. Like all legal documents, an employment contract also has to be prepared and signed in accordance with the local laws regarding the employment structure.

Like every other legal document, an employment contract has to be carefully composed and created according to the employment laws of the locality. You can create an employment contract by yourself, by the help of some professional help. But if you are not comfortable with the process, it can be a very daunting task. For that reason, you will find many employment contract templates all over the internet that you can use for yourself, by some simple customization.

Here is our special employment contract template. It is a very basic type of template, which you may download and adapt to your own organization. This contract is perfect for temporary staff or wherever work can not be continuously guaranteed. You may revise the terms and conditions, and other details, so that they are coherent with your company policies.

You can click on the preview link below, to enlarge the template. Just click on the download link below, and you are free to add any details related to your organization and employment details. Before finalizing the contract, it is better to consult a legal person, so as to be familiar with any incompetence in the contract, and to be well familiar with the current laws.

Here is the preview of this Free? Employment Contract Template,


And here goes download link to this Free? Employment Contract Template,


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