If you want to apply for a job, you have to provide a complete record of your qualifications and previous job history. To put more stress on your hard work and good performance, you can provide the details of specific people whom you have either worked for, or been in touch on a professional level. They can provide a secure basis for you to show your skills and efficiency, making you a more suitable candidate for the particular post.

When you submit your curriculum vitae, or the resume, for a specific job position, you have to either present your previous references, or at least give a hint of the references you can provide. It has to be compiled in a properly designed and formatted reference list. By preparing a professional reference list, you can also use them for help or guidance. A reference list can contain collection of references either for business use or some other purposes.

A proper reference list must include names of three to five professional references; business titles and relationship to you; business address and contact numbers; and also their e-mail address. Name of person maintaining the list should be given at the top of the list. Here we give you a professional reference list template, so that you can focus on your work without having to design a reference list from scratch. You just have to replace the sample text with the actual data, and make any changes if required. Typically, a good reference candidate should be someone who can confirm the details of your resume and offers positive feedback regarding your work or educational skills and experience.

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