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Interoffice Memo Template

5 May , 2012  

Interoffice memo or simply known as memo, is passed on between the different offices of the same organization. It is a type of written communication between employees and/or employer of the same company. You can use a memo to convey different types of messages among the different departments or offices. It is an official, yet informal way of internal communication.

A typical memo, or memorandum has a specific format and design, and you have to follow the same design to create an interoffice memo for your own organization as well. A memo should be designed to include a heading or subject, a brief summary or background information, clarifying the information provided. At the end, the memo has a conclusion, along with any references if required, and graphics, or attachments.

This is a professionally designed Interoffice Memo Template presented in a well structured format. You can use this interoffice memo template to prepare and send a memorandum among the workers in your office. It has been specially designed by our skilful designers using MS Word 2007, which makes editing and customizing it a matter of minutes, and will let you do your work without any obstructions.

It features an elegant design with fields for sender and recipient information as well as allocation for body text. You can customize it to reveal your business details like the name, address, logo, etc. It is a very economical means to create your own customized memo format, without the hassle of creating one from the very beginning.

Below is the preview of this Free? Interoffice Memo Template,


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