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Training Manual Template

22 May , 2012  

A Training Manual is a specific book of instructions that is made for the intention of improving some specific operation or task. These are normally created for various helpful purposes depending upon the situations. It can also be used for the purpose of business or any other purpose.
The working of a restaurant or any business in a general form, depends on the competency of the hired staff and their capability to cope up with real time situations on the spot. It can rightly be said that the standards of a restaurant are established by proper management and the executives operating it. You have to take care while hiring managers, that they are well-trained, and fully capable to manage and take care of a restaurant.

Generally, it is seen that restaurants organize training exercises and workshops to make sure that all the managers and staff members are properly acquainted with their duties and what is expected of them. For this purpose, there should be very practical, organized and comprehensive management training.

Down below, you can see our restaurant training manual template, which you can first preview from the screenshot, and finally click on the download link to save and utilize the template. It is a very easy to modify document and can be used to reflect your own specific systems and procedures.

Using our training manual template, you can not only be able to quickly organize your entire management training process, track your manager trainees’ progress and evaluate their skills throughout their entire training program, and at the same time, avoid all the fuss of creating a new training manual from scratch.

Here is the screen shot of this Free? Training Manual Template,




And here goes download link to this Free? Training Manual Template,


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