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Invention Report Template

25 Sep , 2012  

An invention report is a written notification of an invention that has been made. This form is an important step to protecting the invention from copyright, and other ways of piracy. Additionally, an invention report also helps to explain the characteristics and the pros and cons of the invention to allow the other people to get to know of the new product.

A good invention report introduces the invention with a brief summary of the invention and what it does. It is just like a user’s manual for the invention, describing the functions of the invention and also its best implementation, with not only its functional components or working steps, but also the operational details. Also, it is a good practice to describe any technical benefits or competitive advantages provided by the invention.

In case you have made a great invention, and are looking forward to creating an invention report in order to present your invention in the world market, it is quite advisable that you take a quick look on our invention report template shown below. This template has been created by our skilful designers for general use, with a very basic layout and format. You can see the preview of the template, and click on the download link given below to download the invention report template.

You can use this template by modifying the contents and layout to suit according to your requirement and your invention. You can add all of your important details, and add more pages if necessary. You can even add your personal or business information, and include contact details for enthusiastic buyers. This is your chance to “sell” the invention.

Here is the screenshot of this Free? Invention Report Template,



And here goes download link to it,


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